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Want to set a party up quickly? Check the calendar for availability, fill out the simple "Reservation Form," Then "Deposit." Deposit is returned to you (50.00) when you come to play. Private parties we can do most any time and day. Just fill out the "Reservation Form" and put down your deposit. 


Note: WE ARE ONLY OPEN ON SUNDAYS from12 noon-5 for people that just want to drop in and play. (open field play)

Effective immediately: Walk on gear and bring your own paintballs will no longer be allowed.  It has long been a policy that on Sundays If you had your own gear you could bring  in your own paint and a small paint charge was applied and you cannot share with rentals. Rental gear has always been use field paint only.  After too many times of a player bringing in cases of paint and filling all the rentals up we decided to not allow any walk on gear or paint on Sundays Open Field.  Private parties has always been rentals only. Thank you.


507 279-1096

17722 US Hwy 218

An Established Paintball Field Since 2002

 Families and small groups always welcome!
Splat! is a great place for new and experienced players alike!
We are with you every step of the way!

Private Party costs
Regular Rental 27.00 plus tax per person
Silver Rental 41.00 plus tax per person
extra paintballs 16.00 plus tax per 500 rounds
own gear and paint not allowed.

Open Field Sundays from noon to 5:00 pm
Bring your own gear and paint no longer allowed.
regular and silver rentals available.
purchase paint 16.00 plus tax per 500

"Its the best 3d video game you'll ever play!"

Splat! Paintball Field, LLC is the perfect place to have a wonderful time with your friends and family.  The woodsball field is similar to playing army in the woods.  Experience our many different scenarios and find out what the fun is all about! Our field is open up to 50 players.
Our paintball field has four starting forts, maze, creek with bridges trees, barriers sandbag and wood cover. We specialize in playing scenarios.
Owner Terry Culton has 20 plus years of experience. He started playing on this field as a player and enjoys sharing the experience with everyone.
We do Birthday, Bachelor, Church groups and Business groups. Low pricing and we don't cut corners when it comes to safety.
We take credit cards or cash. No checks please.



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